Chanel and Epigenetics

The Innocent, The Vicious and The Nun


Never! Ever! Never in a million years would I thought that I would read about epigenetics in connection with Chanel firming cream!

“Chanel uses epigenetics to inaugurate self-biology. Genes generate all of an individual’s proteins, but they only represent a small proportion of DNA. A large portion of DNA, which were thought to be silent, is actually a wonderful regulation and adaptation mechanism. It calls on chemical “switches,” called microRNAs (or miRs), which are tiny fragments of RNA that modulate protein synthesis by adhering to messenger RNA coding sequences. These control processes are key elements of epigenetic regulation. Their production is constantly modified by the environment and living conditions.”

I am a geneticist and I am completely lost for words! All these years when I applied for grant money for my research and had to write how it would benefit our society, it has never, not even for a split second, occurred to me to mention firming creams!…

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