The Haunting of Fearful Memories Across Generations

Negative memories have been shown to haunt across generations in mice, but what does this mean for us humans? In the spirit of conjecture, I’m here to offer up my perspective on the topic since I come from two unique angles. First, I am researcher in the field of molecular genetics and secondly I am the grand-child of holocaust survivors. While world history and religion aren’t topics I often talk about, I’ve been left wondering about one thing.

A recent piece by the nature has discussed some of the findings about fearful memories being transmitted across to future generations. The offspring of these mice experienced altered behaviour for two generations most likely due to epigenetic changes. This leaves me wondering just what type of transmission occurred in the minds of millions of progeny from survivors. Has it been lost in the noise of other environmental factors across time, or is a molecular memory haunting a people known for their intelligence. 


Transgenerational Memories

Transgenerational Memories

An interesting piece by the NPG

I wonder just what proportion of memory and experience ends up travelling through our genomes.

David Sweatt comments “The overwhelming response has been ‘Wow! But how the hell is it happening?'” 

You can find the articles and commentary on Pubmed

Coding and Regulatory reading frames in the same sequence?!

Coding and Regulatory reading frames in the same sequence?!

It turns out that some genes have regulatory and protein codon (genetic sequence) reading frames written in the same sequence, with mutations capable of affecting both protein regulation and function separately and yet together.